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About me

Hello! Howdy! Hey! 'sup? - I am Tina Phillips, deviant mastermind behind artjynx. Currently, I work as a web designer/UX/front end unicorn working in the heart of Texas and a traditionally trained graphic designer. I am constantly torn between getting my hands dirty and figuring out code and design tech. I am a generalist and always dabbling in various things from scripting to screenprinting. My creative tendencies always lean toward just doing things a little differently and combining things i've learned together to produce new things. I've been eyeballing Bonnie Christine's Pattern Immersion Course for over 2 years and this is the year. I know Illustrator, but not to the extent I need to for Pattern design and I"m looking forward to doing more. :)

My current creative side-gig is creating digital planners for PDF annotators, like GoodNotes. While it is a fun outlet, I do spend quite a bit of time creating these and feeling my time could be also spent on broader applications for design like surface design.